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The Lord lift up his countenance upon you

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to Make a Fall Wreath with Corn Tassels!

This is a wonderful tutorial from Brooke from All Things Thrifty Blog. At almost no cost, this wreath
 is fun and easy to make!

"My name is Brooke  and I normally blog over at All Things Thrifty where I post about my thrifty decorating addiction! Let me tell you a little about myself before we get going! In a nutshell, I grew up on a farm in Central Utah. I’m a mom of four little kiddos, and I love to decorate. My sisters, my mom, and I love to craft together, and the project I’m sharing with you today happens to be a wreath that my Sister Natalie made. I’m a super thrifty gal and I love to teach my tips and tricks. I’m telling ya peeps, sometimes the cheapest projects turn out the very best around my house. My favorite way to decorate my home is with ultra unique items that can’t be bought in any store. Come check out some of my furniture transformations, and you will see what I mean! I am thrilled to be part of Amy’s Fall Festival today, and I was super excited that she asked me to participate! Let’s get started!
This project most likely won’t cost you a dime to make.

You can’t beat FREE right!?!?

You will need:
A corn field {HA! yep, I said a corn field}
A plastic bag
A pool noodle {Summer is over so just use an old one you have laying around or go buy
one for $1 or less}
Some duct tape.
*Before you to stalking through the corn field off in the boonies, please ask permission. :)
Step 1: Gather 4 bags full of corn tassels.   Scissors work great for this. The tassel is the very top of the corn stalk in case you didn’t know.
Try your darndest to get tassels that are straight instead of tassels that spray all over the place..
Step 2: After you have a bag full of tassels, you need to make a pool noodle wreath by cutting it and duct taping it together. You can spray paint it if you want, but really no one will see the pool noodle once you are done.

Step 3: Divide your tassels into separate piles depending

      on their lengths. You can cut down your tassels if you need to.

Step 4: Make a small hole in the noodle with the end of your scissors and slide in your tassel one at a time. Start at the back with your longest {and straightest} corn tassels.

Step 5: Continue layering your tassels into your pool noodle until it is full.

The only thing that would make this wreath better is if it were MINE instead of my Sister’s. Don’t you think she should make me one? I think so!

I think a trio of corn tassel wreaths would be darling on my front door to celebrate FALL. I hope that you have enjoyed this fun {and more importantly basically FREE} idea, come visit me over at my blog! I would love to have you!

Brooke from All Things Thrifty

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